Pacific American Securities, LLC knows that institutional investors have access to a myriad of investment research products. Most of this research may consist of micro-focused financial analysis provided by major brokerage firms. Accordingly, our research is designed to be an important unbiased second opinion that complements your current sources of research.

Our research products come in a number of different forms:

  • Coverage Reports - Our company specific reports focus on the technology sector. We take a "top-down" approach to analyzing the companies. We then filter this rapidly changing and complex industry down to the key technological and strategic issues that will be driving revenue and earnings potential. We will publish these reports quarterly.

  • Tech Notes - This newsletter discusses current developments affecting the technology sector including industry trends, new technology, and financial data. Whenever we believe that we have discovered something that is important to the "informational food chain," we will disseminate the information via a Tech Note.

  • Market Notes - These are "White Papers" that will address issues that we believe will effect the NYSE, NASDAQ, and the debt markets.

  • Economic Horizon - This report is a semi-annual commentary on the domestic and global economy. Our aim is to provide clients with an analysis of the economic issues that will influence the market. This report will publish in January and June.
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